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Saturday, March 7, 2009

The One-Minute Writer Podcast March 7, 2009

C. Beth reads five prompts/winning responses from The One-Minute Writer, and comments on them.


dani said...

Very interesting to hear about the writing prompts used before I found and started participating in the One Minute Writer blog. Very good idea to go back and feature a few of the highlights of the blog. I enjoyed hearing about it and I opened another window to browse through the posts you were mentioning. I was going to ask, however, if you were going to be highlighting your favorite of favorite responses here at the podcast, and if you were going to be creating awards for them as well. I think most readers/commenters would agree that Sarah would definitely receive on of these!

C. Beth said...

Dani--Cool idea! I may do that eventually. For now I'm just using winning responses that I have permission to use, which is just a fraction of them for these earlier prompts. But I'm going to keep your idea in mind for later. Thanks!